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Tatari University Residence
Tatari University Residence is a university center for men located in the heart of Tallinn, five minutes walk from Vabaduse Väljak (the Freedom´s Square) and on bus routes to Tallinn University and Tallinn University of Technology.

It offers facilities and activities to help students get the most out of their time in University. In Tatari University Residence, we hold that life and career are not only about self-advancement, but a way to contribute to society, and that academic pursuits are the start of that ideal's realization.

In that sense, the Residence aims to help students and young people in their all-round intellectual, spiritual and cultural development through a wide variety of activities throughout the whole year to introduce them to the challenges of our times and which foster a sense of responsibility in the use of time, talents, and resources.

Activities are designed to complement university studies, not distract from them, and to help students develop a responsible concern for society and see their future professional life as a way to serve society. Students are encouraged to help organize these activities as well as attend them.

Activities include:

  • Good quality study facilities
  • Courses designed to improve study and professional knowledge
  • Social projects / work camps which foster awareness of society's needs
  • Regular cultural activities.
  • Academic seminars and workshops
  • Sports

Tatari University Residence is more than just accommodation. It truly is a home away from home where each person is recognized for her unique value. Each one contributes to making this family atmosphere, which creates the opportunity to develop deep friendships, a real spirit of service towards each other, and ongoing intellectual and personal dialogue between all residents. The atmosphere in the house relies upon the responsibility and respect for personal freedom of each resident. An applicant is offered a place on the understanding that he will by his positive outlook seek to maintain the high standards and family tone. 

The Residence maintains a strong Christian ethos, but is open to students of all religious persuasions. As a result, the center cultivates arich universal outlook, respecting all peoples and cultures.

Christian formation is given in talks, seminars and doctrinal classes for those who would like to attend them. Spiritual and doctrinal activities are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church. The center has a chapel, and a resident chaplain, who is a priest of Opus Dei.

Tatari University Residence is run by NGO Baltic Association for Education and Culture.